Changing section boundaries in SMBX 1.4.4 during gameplay ?

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Kirill Heroes
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Kirill Heroes
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Post #1by Kirill Heroes » 11 Nov 2021, 8:07

Is it possible to change boundaries in section during the gameplay?
I want to split a section into different rooms without wasting blocks. So if player does near the end of the room, the camera will stop.
There is not enough build-in sections (21) to store all my rooms. So im forced to store multiple rooms in the same section.
The problem is also that is has to be two-way camera change. For example, if player goes from room A to room B, the camera with switch to room B mode. If the play goes from room B to room A using the same path, but going opposite direction, the camera will switch to room A mode.
How can i do that?
Thx a lot for help!

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