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Post #1by Void » 11 Dec 2020, 20:27

So a while ago, I held a Discord Level Contest on, well, Discord. Because of the fact it was on the 38A Discord, of course it was somewhat smaller than I thought it would be. I said that I would post the levels here and forgot to for a few days, but here we are now with every level submitted for the contest.
Here's the results:

1. Green
2. YoshiSuperstar & Ayumu
3. Victor ManuelMR
4. HugoMDM
5. Frozen Aurora
6. Ice
7. Raver Blaster
8. HengShao233
9. Uraki

I've numbered the folders of the submitters for who got first place, second place, and... second place??? Yeah, we actually had a tie for second place. Speaking of which, shout outs to Green (1st place), Ayumu (2nd place), and YoshiSuperstar (2nd place) for making some amazing levels.

Other things included in the archive are more in-depth results, and even some feedback from Lx Xzit and Greendan!

Green also asked me to tell you to read the readme file supplied with his level. Please make sure you take a look at it before you play the level.

Without further ado...
You can download the Levels here.

You'll need 7-Zip to open the archive.

Thank you again to the people who judged these levels and those who submitted.

The next contest will be held in a few months, this time on the forums. Stay tuned...
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