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Post #1by Sucrose » 2 May 2020, 0:01

This character is original as SMBX2.(The real official is Nintendo D:)
I just restored some behavior and some features. :shout:
If you need to use this character on your level, you may need to modify the Player Setting(Pro) data in the level, copy the active file in the root directory ("Player Setting Data (Pro).txt"), and copy it to the end of the level (open with Notepad++) data. :)
[Machine Translate, Excuse my poor English :(]

=How do I apply players-offset to the level?= (1.4.4)
Open "levelname.LVL" with Notepad++, find the last line, copy the above data to the penultimate line, and don't forget Graphics also copies to the root of the level's folder.
This Character script level is currently in a beta phase, and there may be some problems.
(17.23 MiB) Downloaded 941 times
Rosalina in Offical SMBX2
Level UI (Skill points are full)
Level View
Tanooki Outfit (Pansy)
Hammer Outfit (Purple)
Fire Outfit (Red)
RSIn SMF2.png
Super Mario Forever 2(Coming soon) - Rosalina
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