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Post #1by Void » 27 Apr 2019, 4:57

I have recently been working on an episode with a somewhat simple title. My main goal for this project is to utilize almost everything that the SMBX 38-A version has to offer while using minimal scripting as possible, to show the editor's power, while also providing what would feel like a real Mario game. This episode will also feature (mostly) SMW Custom Music by the SMW Central community (all authors will be credited) to give the episode an authentic 16-bit feel. Most of the project will be done by me and me only, but if you'd like to contribute graphics, SMWCM, levels, or anything of the like (that you made), you are more than welcome to do so.
Project roadmap as of right now:
    9 Worlds
    3 Playable Characters
    More than 20 Bosses
    More than 100 levels
The Story:
The Evil King Bowser has had enough! He's fed up with being drowned in lava and numerous other injuries at the hands of the Mario Brothers and his friends! His plan? To repay the entire Mushroom Kingdom tenfold! His first step is to launch his castle into space, where those meddlesome Mario Brothers can't reach it and foil his plans. He would then use his previously mentioned "secret weapon" to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom! He's not screwing around anymore! The only problem is that the weapon has no power source. As a result, Bowser's castle currently remains on the ground. Bowser turns to the Green Stars, which have greater power than Power Stars. These Green Stars, however, are a double-edged sword. The power of the Green Stars cannot easily be harnessed, and attempting to harness the power in the wrong way could have dire consequences. Bowser, unaware of the consequences, orders his troops to search for any Green Stars and return them immediately. This plan almost went well, with little suspicion. That was until Princess Toadstool caught wind of Bowser's plot. Mario, Luigi, and the Princess, worried about the duo's safety, set out to investigate. Bowser, still fearful that the Mario Brothers could easily find a way to reach the castle, trusts his strongest and most powerful minions to protect the Green Stars, while also attempting to harness its power to put an end to the trio's attack. He's even handed some of them to other... beings that are not from their own world. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool are currently in hot pursuit of the Green Stars.

    Levels (Excluding Boss Levels):
    5 / TBD

    15 / 25 (60.00%)


Download and/or demos:
None yet. Sorry!

Added after 1 month 4 days:
Most updates for the project will now be shown at the episode’s official Discord server:
Join the SMBX 38a Discord Server!

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