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BlueShellTV M
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BlueShellTV M
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Post #1by BlueShellTV » 3 Jan 2018, 23:46

Hi, is there a way in Version 1.4.4 to stop an event from happening when it already started?
For example if there is a event that is going to hurt you in 10 seconds or so. Is there a way to prevent the event from being triggered?
Thanks in advance.
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Post #2by Ariinui » 8 Jan 2018, 1:45

i think maybe if you play with the scripts and the events i'm a beinner in this subect (still working on my first script) so i'll just explain m idea but can't reall create the script:
first create the first event that will trigger te script
the script should look like this:

wait x seconds
if variable(death)= 0 then
kill mario
end if

after, you create an other event that will change the variable to 1 (or anything else) this trigger will be triggered when you want to cancel the timer

if you want, i can try to do an example but i'm not that good so it wouldn't be that great...
if you want one anyway, just ask

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