Need help for adding HUD portrait variant

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Coolio__ F
Topic author, Marquis
Coolio__ F
Topic author, Marquis
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Post #1by Coolio__ » 18 Jun 2017, 17:52

My episode has a custom HUD and I need some help on how to make the player portrait have a variant (basically having Luigi's portrait when playing as him).
If you need it, I have the script here:
Click here

Code: Select all

call hudset("initialize",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)
'!!!!!!!!!!bitmap source = "scflash.png"!!!!!!!!!!
call hudset("bitmap",1,0,0,720,130,20,20,0,-1)
call hudset("text:&sys(coincount)",2,66,112,48,57,1,213,-1,-1)
call hudset("text:&sys(playerhealth)",4,95,35,48,57,1,213,-1,-1)
call hudset("text:&sys(score)",3,600,35,48,57,1,213,-1,-1)
call hudset("text:&sys(lvltimer)",17,725,35,48,57,1,213,-1,-1)
Call hudset("bitmap",6,0,0,100,100,384,28,5001,-1)
call hudset("bitmap",7,768,0,31,31,35,69,6000,-1)
call hudset("bitmap",8,768,0,31,31,68,69,6001,-1)
call hudset("bitmap",9,768,0,31,31,101,69,6002,-1)
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