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Is there any way to prevent Mouser from jumping?

Posted: 19 Feb 2017, 19:05
by Coolio__
As the title insists, I need to make it so that Mouser will still throw bombs but will not jump (setting him to Don't Move doesn't work).

Posted: 19 Feb 2017, 22:53
by Lx Xzit
There's not an accurately way to disable it by completely (you would need to make a new AI for this, I mean, rewrite the mouser from scratch). But you can tell to the NPC that don't jump in every frame (however you'll see the Mouser makes a really little jump but it's for 1 frame only, almost not noticeable). You can try this:

Make a new Script and add this code:

Code: Select all

with npc(sysval(param1))
if .ysp < 0 then
.ysp = 0
end if
end with

Then, right click the mouser > scripts > (this script ^) and mark "Parallel execution", this is very important.