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Patch Archival and Preservation

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 3:24
by Meeky
Thanks to a few generous contributors, including the lead developer, you are now free to go grab the patches and complete your collection!

DownThemAll is recommended for this job. It's what I use.

For those that were curious, the old post was me finding out the whereabouts of Patch 2, but it has already been recovered and preserved.

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 3:28
by Yoshi021
Take it. :)

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 3:51
by Meeky
Yoshi021 wrote:Take it. :)

Thanks, I will. ;-)

Huh... the date code is interesting. September 5th, 2016.
So Patch 1 was actually released on the 4th, good to know!

Posted: 29 Sep 2016, 19:14
by Wohlstand
Yoshi021 wrote:Take it. :)
So, i'll put that patch to "old" folder of server too. Some patches are released too fast or I missed up that to upload faster. I catching only that patches I catched myself. Now missed in my collections are:
  • SMBX-38A 1.4.2 patch 5
  • SMBX-38A 1.4.3 patch 4
I don't care about patches for 1.4.1 because it is completely invalid because can't work right on Non-Chinese machines which was been fixed since I cooperated with 38A.

Posted: 30 Sep 2016, 0:00
by Yoshi021
Here is 1.4.3 patch 4

Posted: 30 Sep 2016, 4:26
by 4matsy
And here's 1.4.2 patch 5:

Posted: 30 Sep 2016, 16:56
by Wohlstand
Okay, thanks, now collection is filled ;-) But if someone will send exe from 1.4.2-patch-0 (first it's release) also will help in this collection (because now I plan keep zero-patches before patching main archive with updates for history)

Posted: 1 Oct 2016, 0:42
by Yoshi021
I have 1.4.2 original version.

Posted: 1 Oct 2016, 2:32
by Wohlstand
Yoshi021, So, now collection is full , thanks ;-)

Posted: 8 Oct 2016, 0:05
by Meeky
I appreciate your preservation efforts while I was away! Now that we have everything up to date, people won't miss a patch at all.

Posted: 8 Oct 2016, 18:15
by Shadowblitz16
autoscroll still doesn't work can you upload a patch for it please?
I'm using 1.4.3 patch 4