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We have moved to a new server

Posted: 28 Jan 2016, 9:41
by Wohlstand
Hello my dear friends!

Today I finished transfering this nice place to a new, better server!

  • This new server is going to load much faster for America, Australia and Asia (continents which are located far away from the Moscow city);
  • Better stability;
  • Now you have more disk space for file storing (the forum disk, that is)!

Also since we have moved to a new server, it has a new domain name: Going to the old domain name ( now redirects to here.

Posted: 28 Jan 2016, 21:38
by lighthouse64
Good job wohlstand :D :clapping: :good:

Also, thanks for making the old domain a redirect :)

Posted: 28 Jan 2016, 21:53
by Wohlstand
lighthouse64 wrote:Good job wohlstand :D :clapping: :good:
Everything for people ;-)

lighthouse64 wrote:Also, thanks for making the old domain a redirect :)
That VERY important, I can't without redirect, it's saint! :angel: