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Poll about user signatures

Posted: 26 Dec 2015, 1:05
by Wohlstand
Why I made this thread?

Because I think you all understand that huge signatures, especially with big images, sometimes can be very annoying as they slow down some pages while they load (it forces you to use AdBlock+ to block these dumb images just like ads :comando:). However, we can't simply disallow signatures as they're an important part of any forum, right? Anyway, I think we must understand this situation and avoid having huge signatures and big images in them, as they may annoy people.

You're still allowed to put into your signature anything you want, but, if you have too much stuff in it, you should use (a) spoiler(s) for that. Right now it's not recomended to have big signatures because soon we're planning to update the forum engine, which will contain a mobile UI for smartphones and some other things. Please understand that some people who are viewing this forum from a phone probably get a lot of slow-downs and lag because of huge signatures, and so their phone's money vanishes!

Huge image - is an image of any width but with height over 150~250 pixels, except for videos.
Big text - text piece with length over 650 characters.

Currently it's allowed to have signatures with any content (except for: ads, offensive stuff, porn and murders).

Results of this poll will be used for applying changes to the forum rules, where we will update signature rules.
This poll will go on for two weeks.

Poll has been finished

Posted: 9 Jan 2016, 4:32
by Wohlstand
Pool has been finished.

So, following to result of a pool, I will officially restrict a spoiler-less huge images inside signatures. All images with a size higher than 150px are must be included into the spoiler(s). However I still allow texts of any sizes.

About animated stuff and embedded videos: animated pictures are can be outside spoilers if there are has light weight and doesn't slowing loading of the pages (height is no matter even it doesn't exciting 150 px limit). Videos are must be under spoiles and auto-playing videos in the signature are forbidden.