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Post #1by Wohlstand » 19 Jul 2021, 19:00

Hello! :hi:


Our community is gradually expanding and therefore it becomes more difficult to keep order. Therefore, we will need moderators who would be willing to help us with this task.

What are the duties of a moderator?
- Watch the ongoing conversations
- In case of obvious violations, immediately apply punishment and notify other colleagues about it. Also, notify punished users about the reason they are being punished (except spammers and bots), all user's objections must be discussed together with colleagues until doing anything (keep the punishment or remove it in condition user is agree to don't repeat the violation)
- In case of any conflicts between the participants, oblige the latter to continue their conversations in direct messages
- In the event of non-standard situations, raise a general discussion in the moderator chat to jointly resolve the issue that has arisen
- Any action must be consistent with common sense. It is forbidden to use force due to personal hostility (please, express this in the moderator chat to resolve the issue), apply punishment to users only in case of clear violation of the rules
- Help users who have problems (For example, help users to pass the anti-bot challenge if they are stuck in a trouble)
- Received user complaints should be sent to the moderator chat for general discussion unless it concerns an obvious violation of the rules or a spam attack or other cases that require an emergency acting

What are the requirements for a moderator?
- Good knowledge of English (since this is an international community, the main language is in English, except for language channels), as well as the ability to understand foreigners who speak English poorly
- Not necessary, but knowledge of other languages ​​is encouraged, which should also allow moderation of language channels
- Ability to stay online at least once a day
- Ability to be objective concerning people and situations. It is very important for us that the emerging situations are assessed soberly, excluding any prejudices and stereotypes.

If you have any questions, please write a direct message to Me or any other administrators of the server

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