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Posted: 30 Oct 2020, 11:44
by Wohlstand
Elf of H & L wrote:I found a message block sound bug:

If event was filled message, press "Jump" button still plays message sound after message disappeared......
I can't test this yet, however, I took this into GitHub:

I guess, hat because the jump button is same as "OK" that quits the message box, and because the key was held in a specific moment, the result is similar. I need to check until to confirm.

New 1.3.3 release!

Posted: 19 Dec 2020, 2:06
by Wohlstand

I present a the next release with a bonus inside (see changelog for details)! ;-)

Changes for 1.3.3
  • Added the "gameinfo.ini" to give the support for the partial customization of internals (window/game title, character names in menu, credits, etc.)
  • Added an ability to globally override NPC settings by placing of npc-*.txt file into graphics/npc directlry of assets
  • Added an ability to run executable with a different assets directory specified
  • Added the support for playable character custom INI calibrations
  • Message box line breaking algorithm has been improved, added support for new-line characters
  • Settings now can remember the initial state of the frame-skip and show-fps options
  • Added an option to make use the Alt-Run key for Yoshi's Ground-Pound ([gameplay] section and 'ground-pound-by-alt-run' boolean field)

All download links at the main post.

New release!

Posted: 2 Jan 2021, 20:29
by Wohlstand

It's a small bugfix release together with adding support for new platforms: Windows for ARM and macOS for the new Apple Silicon processors!

Changes for
Changes for
  • Fixed a crash, caused by the incremental locked warps counter that leads BGO array exciting
  • Added support for Windows ARM64 target architecture
  • Added support for Apple Silicon target architecture
  • Fixed the inability to enter levels through warp were extension is missing

All download links at the main post.

One small note that the builds I made for Windows and Apple Silicon platforms aren't well tested. Please report to me any possible problems regarding them.

Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 17:06
I have been using TheXTech for a long time and to be honest it is a really interesting alternative to SMBX Vanilla. TheXTech is faster (i.e. loads the content on the screen faster and makes it run in more FPS) and also has no lag even when there are a lot of NPCs on the screen. I would also like to add that I think, but I don't know if it really is, the character is more controllable and does not seem to "float" on the screen. The downside is that there is no editor here, but it is compatible with PGE. Bottom line: TheXTech is now my new tool for playing SMBX episodes.