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Enter new graphics

Posted: 4 Oct 2015, 3:35
by Wolfraf
I'm using the google translator ,not hold the forum , so I write here , do not get angry.
I need to know how to add graphics or graphics pack PGE
se puede agregar un pack o es individual?
perdonen las molestias, espero alguna respuesta.

Posted: 4 Oct 2015, 14:38
by lighthouse64
Are you talking about things like configuration gfx, or custom graphics?

¿Estás hablando de cosas como gfx configuración o gráficos personalizados?

I'm using google translator for u.

Posted: 4 Oct 2015, 15:03
by h2643
Hey, welcome to the forums! Adding graphics in PGE uses the same way as it's in SMBX: you create a level, then you create a level folder which should be named after the level file name. For example if your level is called "mylevel" (without quotes), then you create a folder and name it "mylevel" too (again without quotes) and put it in the same directory where your level is.

In case you mean that PGE Editor won't boot up because a config pack is missing, then you should download at least one config pack from here:

I recommend downloading "Super Mario Brothers X 1.3 Compatible" config pack as it has all vanilla SMBX stuff. To use config packs, you just create "configs" folder (without quotes) in your PGE Editor folder and put config pack(s) there.

Hopefully that helped!