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Post #1by Fridj » 23 Aug 2015, 21:26

I was thinking if something like this would be possible to implement in the engine from a graphical standpoint: make the sprites more dynamic. I'll try to explain : in many mario related flash movies, or in general sprite movies hosted primarly on, people used the sprites in a very dynamic way to make their movies. For example, when mario jumps and touches on the ground, his sprite gets a little bit squished for a moment.
Along this line, with more animations outside of the original ones, level creators could implement their own animations (for example, if someone wants jump animation exactly like in standard mario games, could set this "dynamic mode off".) The same dynamic mode could allow also some running and stopping anmations, and instead of having mario transit from one sprite being firm on the ground to the second sprite where he starts running, the transition could be more dynamic and fluid, maybe adding some stretch effect on the sprite prior to the start of the animation, stretching it in the direction in which is running for a split second, and obviously it would apply the same as for when mario stops or changes direction etc.

To give a more practical view of what i'm actually talking about I'd advise you to watch a bit of this flash movie on youtube:

Most of us probably already know about this kind of flash movies. another example would be provided by the rise of mushroom kingdom:

which brings me to the next very important point: in the initial part of this flash movie there is a good segment (from 0:45) in which mario jumps from one layer to another layer in front of him, as if he was actually interacting with "multiple backgrounds" or sort of, and he does so by entering in a pipe. Could something like this be implemented ? I do not know how to call this since i'm no expert. I did do some flash movies though, and I always thought "It would be awesome to actually play a mario game based on this kind of structure, with multi layers, camera moving around you, zooming in and out based on what is going on with the environment. Basically "playing a flash movie". There is a flash game called Mario Combat on newgrounds which actually lets you do exactly this, here's the link if you want to check it out:

Anyway, it's just a combat game which has some adventure element, and is very short too....nothing compared to what smbx or PGE are.
I think this would be a good way to revitalize a little the standard mario gameplay (i'm not talking about the punching and grabbing of the flash game, but i'm referring to everything mentioned above) and a way of adding something more to the smbx formula, of which otherwhise PGE project would merely be a copy of, with standard gameplay elements, whitout adding much more from the gameplay standpoint and the overall presentation.

What do you guys think of this?

Posting here since is smbx related.

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Post #2by PK Esper » 23 Oct 2016, 16:21

It looks amazing to do this stuffs. By the way,it may be took for a hour to make the graphic like this.
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