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Post #1by Falafel_83 » 1 Jul 2024, 23:11

I'm making a level which has autoscroll, in SMBX2 Beta 5 Patch 2 (the one of February 25 2024,the most recent at the time I think), but when I set the autoscroll above 0,000000000014559 it teleports directly to the end of the level right in the moment when the level start (I know this number because I've been changing the values over and over). :SOS: :(
I'll give here some data which I don't know if they are helpful, but just in case they are:
-Section 0's Size (14 screens wide and 1 tall in a 800x600 screen, there are no more sections yet)
-Level - Start with automatic start
-Custom Music
-Fog Effect added with -5 priority and no flipping (in both X axis and Y axis)
-Has Bullet Bill Spawner NPC (NPC-638; I don't think this is really relevant but maybe the error is beacuse of it, I don't know)

Does someone know why does this happen? And how can it be solved? (Or maybe it's because of a bug in the game's version and cannot be solved or something)
Thanks for reading :) .

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