Guidelines for creating remakes in Super Mario Bros X

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Post #1by Fangamestalgia » 18 Nov 2023, 9:49

Guidelines for Creating Remakes in SMBX

When it comes to remakes in Super Mario Bros X, users are free to work on projects without needing prior authorization, considering that the game belongs to Nintendo.

However, it's possible for a remake to contain original ideas from a specific user. In these cases, anyone intending to recreate these ideas must seek permission from the original author.

A notable example of this is the episode 'Super Mario Bros. SMBX Edition', which features a secret battle entirely crafted by Sapphire Bullet Bill.

Recently, while working on adjustments for this episode, I've noticed that the introduction, ending, some graphics, and this particular battle are exclusive to the author.

Therefore, if necessary, I'm considering removing these ideas. However, should I obtain proper authorization, I'd like to incorporate these elements that I find particularly valuable.

I asked the author for permission, see the link:

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