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The Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Resurrection

Posted: 18 Jun 2016, 18:46
by Tinkerbell
"The Books tell about the story, of a young hero who saved the Kingdom of Hyrule, from the dark power also known as Ganon"
"The Hero managed to go through all of the dungeons, to get the hidden pieces of the triforce which held the power, to defeat the evil King Ganon"
"After the defeat of Ganon, one of the pieces was given to the hero, one to the Princess and one which got banned into another dimension within Ganon himself"
"It has been years since Ganon has been defeated, after serveal years he somehow managed to break free again"
"The hero is dead long ago, but there is one new young guy who doesn't know that he is going to be Hyrules new hero"
"Will he get to Hyrule as soon as possible? Will he be able to stop Ganon? Will he able to save the Kingdom?"
"No one knows, but i for sure know to give him a hard time getting through the land" ~Ganon




Link: The new born hero, he doesn't know yet that he is the one who is helding the first triforce which has been given from hero to hero
Zelda: It is unknown where Zelda has been in the last time. She hasn't been in the castle for a long time.. did Ganon capture her already?
Townspeople: People you met in the town which are across the land of Hyrule. Maybe some of them have special information for you?
Wizard: Some old guy who is a Wizard, he can help you out by giving you a power-up that helps you defeating Ganons minions.

Ganon: The evil King Ganon has been back after serveal years, he has nothing better to do but attacking the Kingdom again
Helmet Heads: The Helmet Heads are back, they guard the Dungeons to stop Link from reaching his goal.
Thunder Bird: Thunder Bird is playing a big role in this whole thing... is he maybe even the true Leader? Did he perhaps break out Ganon?

What is that

This whole project will stay outside of Joey's Forum. After i decided to leave his forum for serveal good reasons, i still did some stuff with smbx but i won't post anything of it there.

Posted: 19 Jun 2016, 0:05
by Yoshi021
Looks really cool, but why did you leave Joey's Forum? The problem is that not many people come here as Joey's Forum.
Regarding the project, I like the NES graphics, but the HUD feels off. Seeing the "1-up" takes away the Zelda-style. This looks like a really fun Link project.

Posted: 8 Jul 2016, 12:17
by MyNameIsEric52
Not that bad..! I like first screenshot. Also i like graphics. Good luck with project.