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M&L'sDA 2: Rocket Operation (the hype is not real)

Posted: 28 Oct 2015, 22:53
by Darkonius Mavakar

Super duper amazing thanks to Natsu for the logo!

So yeah, here's a sequel to a project that everybody will care about, yay!

After the defeat of Bowser and Osoroshi in the Valis Kingdom, our heroes went back to Peach's Castle to have a party, everything was fine when SUDDENLY (oh man you didn't see that coming!!11) a huge earthquake happened! all the Toads and our heroes rushed outside, and then they saw it, it was Bowser's castle... skyrocketing into space! Bowser was laughing, as he pointed to the top of his castle... it was something strange... something familiar... a strange, blue crystal was hovering above... what could it be? it was certanly something that the plumbers saw while they were in the Valis Kingdom...
As time went by, Peach came up with a plan, the Plumbers must get the 4 Great Stars to power up a rocket directed in space to reach Bowser's castle! will our heroes prevail?

You can complete any world in any order you want!
HUB world: Grass
Mountain world: Almond Mountain
Desert world: Lemon Desert
Ice world: Marshmellow Island
Jungle world: Watermelon Jungle
Space world: Bowser's Space Unforgiving Stronghold (BSUS)


Beta Testers:
DJ Coco
Graphic Helpers:
Level designers:

why don't you play the first one too, ay?

Posted: 18 Dec 2015, 5:34
by MightyMerlinStyle
Looks awesome! I am excited to play this.

Posted: 29 May 2017, 16:36
by KesterTank
That's amazing I thought that you cancelled the project.
Is this for 2.0,LUA or 38A?

Posted: 3 Jun 2017, 13:35
by PK Esper
KesterTank wrote:That's amazing I thought that you cancelled the project.
Is this for 2.0,LUA or 38A?
Since, he posted this in non-38A section but rather outside of it and posted in this section, he and the team (if they were counted) uses 2.0 and Lua.

Posted: 4 Jun 2017, 5:17
by Ariinui
how can we download it?

Posted: 4 Jun 2017, 6:40
by Yoshi021
It's a project, so it is not finished yet.

Posted: 4 Jun 2017, 19:49
by Ariinui
oh... sorry ^^'