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Post #1by The Koala Friends » 17 May 2018, 3:59


Welome to all to my Smbx Project Called Mario And The Adventures in the 8 Islands

[spoiler][/spoiler]Little information the episode: Mario Luigi Blue Toad Yellow Toad And Princess Peach come on vacation to some islands and Bowser with his minions go to the same place for Kidnap the princess peach and Mario goes to the rescue for the 8 islands and each island has a base in which there is a star of power but there are minions of bowser that have the stars of power can Mario and his friends restore all the order in the 8 islands

Playables in my episode: Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad

Power Ups in my episode: 1-Bee Costume 2- Bird Costume 3- Pirate Costume
4- Elephant Costume 5- Rabbit Costume 6- Slime Costume 7- Dog Costume
8- Lava Costume

Names of the islands (Worlds): 1- Slime Kingdom 2- African Island 3- Pirate World
4- Carrot Meadow 5- Island Beehive 6- Bone Island 7- Cloud Kingdom
Ultimate Island- Eruptus Volcano

Bosses: Fortress-Island 1: Slime Guardian, Base-Island-1: King Slime,
Fortress-Island-2: Guardian Hyenas Base-Island-2: King Leon Mutant
Fortress-Island-3: Kraken Base-Island-3: Shark Pirate Fortress-Island-4: Guardian Carrot Base-Island-4: King Carrot Fortress-Island-5: Bee Guardian
Base-Island-5: Queen Bee Fortress-Island-6: Dry Bones Guardian Base-Island-6: King Dry Bones Fortress-Island-7: Cloud Base-Island Dog-7: King Cloud Fortress-Island-8: Giant Lava Bubble Base-Island-8: Bowser
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