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Post #1by Mr General Guy » 2 Aug 2017, 19:37

(As the title says, Toad's Adventure is just a placeholder title. Rest assured, the final title, whatever it may be, will be much less epic)

WARNING: This episode is anything but an all-ages Mario game. This episode contains heavy violent content (much more than typical from Super Mario Bros), crude humor throughout, heavy, constant profanity (F**K and all it's variations are censored in the same way as in my posts, but none of the other language is censored in the slightest), highly suggestive content/crude sexual humor throughout (including masturbation references and a scene that stops JUUUST short of sexual activity), and alcohol/drug presence. This, alongside the extremely dark themes of some of the scenes (and I mean EXTREMELY) means that it is not suitable for kids in the slightest (but if you are a kid and you choose to play this anyways.... well, I won't stop you). Personally, I recommend a 17+ rating

(Another thing cleared up: In spite of this NOT being an all-ages game, this is NOT designed as a "dark and edgy" episode for the most part. It's a dramedy (with a lot more emphasis on the comedy in most parts) and very lighthearted in general (except for multiple scenes). The reason why it's so inappropriate is because the style of humor present in the episode, while drawing inspiration from a huge variety of sources, is at it's core, pretty Adult Swim-esque; crass, surreal, crosses-the-line-twice, and with self-aware dialogue delivered with a slacker-vibe. Just think of it as mature in the way that, say, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is mature)

(I already posted this on the other SMBX forums, but this episode will only be available in SMBX 1.4 (for now) so I decided it was appropriate to post my episode idea here too)

So anyways, what's this episode about? Glad you asked!

This is a large, complex game that's been in development since late 2014, centered around the pretty underutilized Toad himself.

You'll forget it fast, but the plot is centered around Mario and Peach getting kidnapped while preparing for their marriage.With no one else to turn to, the messenger turns to Toad, and tries to convince him to help. Toad has to be tricked to do it, though. And from there, craziness.

But, the game is so non-linear (it will not be just an 8 worlds and some bonus worlds structure like most Mario games, for the most part), huge, and derails itself from the plot (not to mention the wedding barely being mentioned for much of the game afterwards) that you WILL forget why you're even kicking ass in the first place. Like Ruan555's Comical Adventure (which has a similar buildup, but little in common otherwise, rest assured), there is plenty of emphasis on story, but in an ENTIRELY different way that's probably never been done in a SMBX episode before (and that's hard to explain).

While it seems like a comedy, it's more of a dramedy (with much more emphasis on the comedy), focusing on Toad himself above anything else. I can't reveal too much else (cuz spoliers) for the time being. I feel like if I do this right, this will be.... a completely normal SMBX episode(if nothing else, it will most definitely take up near the max amount of space on the world editor).

Some extra info:

This episode is exclusive to SMBX 1.4.3 (however, if I get good at LunaLua, an expanded version will most definitely be made for SMBX 2.0)

Most of the available exits (stars, flagpoles, SMB3, key, star, etc) will be used in some form. (The most common will be flagpoles)

So far, I have only finished the intro level and part of the world map (embarrassing, I know :| ). I've spent most of the time writing some designs and scripting the dialogue and shit for everyone (except for some characters who I improvise), just to ensure everything flows as neatly as possible and there have been multiple hiatuses. I'm nearly done writing down the script and everything, so I can place a lot more time on making my ideas transition from the sketchbook).

I will release many demos before the full game is released. There will be a lot of cutscenes to progress the plot, but due to the difficulty of making them, the biggest ones will only be present in the full release.

Demo 1 (featuring the prelude levels) should be out around 2018 (depending on my willingness to work, it could be out much earlier)

If you value your life, don't ask me when the full version will come out

But in the end, amongst everything else, my end goal is simple; I want everybody who finishes this episode to say, "WHAT. THE. F**K. DID. I. JUST. PLAY?"

Some credits gotten out of the way:
-Thanks to Valteri, Eternity, Sedunair and FanofSMBX for their graphics packs which will prove invaluable to me
-More credits added as demos are released

A collection of images (will add more as progress is made, of course)


Sorry that the images are exceptionally small. Thanks to the way my PC's been set up, I can't take snapshots, So I have to use Bandicam to take my photos. I'll try to fix this, tho

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