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Post #1by Elf of H & L » 15 Mar 2021, 13:00

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror-esqued mini Open-World Project.

Since this engine remembers last entered warp in the saved file and restart by using warp entrance at death, it's suitable for Open World Project at now.

Bosses are now all in a seperate area. Since all stars aren't exits, defeating Boss will get power-up and something bonus instead (Like Kirby's Adventure Arena).

Grass Zone_Section_1_12835.png

Grass Zone_Section_2_22798.png

Desert Zone_Section_1_22190.png

Planned Length
8 Areas x 3 Missions (One is 8-Red Coin, like Super Mario 64). Each area has a seperate Aurora Zone, like Sphere Doomer Dimension in Kirby's Return to Dream Land (KRTDL / KAWii).

Grass Zone√
Desert Zone
Forest Zone
Water Zone
Castle Zone
Cave Zone
Space Zone
Snow Zone
Lava Zone (Secret)
Secret Zone (Secret)
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