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SDL Mixer X's MIDI Playback can't receive System Exclusive Messages

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 9:53
by Elf of H & L
I use Native MIDI Playback.
Some MIDIs have System Exclusive Messages, but they aren't receive in SDL Mixer X

Posted: 27 May 2017, 1:30
by Wohlstand
That because your default MIDI device doesn't supports them. Don't miss between Microsoft GS and Direct X DLS Synth Level 2, which are different even are using same back. NativeMIDI on Windows is layer over midiOut api which doesn't uses Direct X. Sense of NativeMIDI device is just direct using existing MIDI API of target operating system if available. ADLMIDI synthesizer is alone which supports loop points (loopStart / loopEnd and 111'th controller) and alone which independent from operating system and midi device, and works even on toaster (Myself I have assembly of libADLMIDI and simple gui application on my phone). If you don't like current sound, try to choose between other 90 banks available in ADLMIDI. YEA, if you will toggle bank ID, sound will be different. Try to use PGE MusPlay to easier preview various banks.
Also, many things are supoorted on Yamaha XG synthesizers which are rare, and often used by professionals. You have a way to install BASSMIDI driver and take some SF2 banks to use them. The MS GS also has strong bug which can cause muting entire application on olume manipulation, therefore I don't suggest use it. SMBX sets up default volume 0.4, therefore because of MS GS's bug, even add will receive same value level

Posted: 27 May 2017, 1:31
by Elf of H & L
(Sorry for bump)