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Suggestion: onNPCAppear() event

Posted: 2 Dec 2016, 18:47
by Professor Moriarty

onNPCAppear(NPC number) (e.g. onNPCAppear(1) would trigger every time a SMB3 Goomba appears on screen)

onNPCKill already exists and it could make coding simple boss battle changes (such as a LUA version of Murphmario's old Bullet Birdo) and flower power ups much simpler.

alternatively onNPCManifest(NPC number; SameSection boolean) (or however you would put it) so onNPCManifest(1, true) would be if a SMB3 goomba exists in the section a player is currently in, whereas onNPCManifest(30, false) would be if a hammer exists anywhere in the level, for example. Whichever works better.

there are probably 200 holes in this idea but I'm putting it out there anyway.

EDIT: btw, I'm not new, I just lost my old account details

Posted: 3 Dec 2016, 20:53
by Kevsoft
Sugestions can be written at the LunaLua Wistlist

Posted: 4 Dec 2016, 13:45
by Professor Moriarty
ok, thanks.