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Wohlstand M
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Wohlstand M
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Post #1by Wohlstand » 24 May 2016, 16:59

Recently I made small updates on the forums and I want to announce them:

1) All embedded YouTube videos are will automatically generate "Original link: ...." under video.

2) I going to add support of embedding videos from another video hostings like Vimeo:
A test of Vimeo video

Original link: https://vimeo.com/164132084

Example code:

Code: Select all


You also can suggest another video hosting to let me add support of it if you want.

If you wish to tell your opinion or something other against embedded videos, post that here ;-)

lighthouse64 M
lighthouse64 M
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Post #2by lighthouse64 » 25 May 2016, 13:39

Ooh I wanna test this out :)
phpBB [youtube]

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lE8erHmg0E&list=PLvVk0z4n8KSNfBidSGVPHkRViN2G60ni7&index=6

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