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tb1024 M
Topic author, Marquis
tb1024 M
Topic author, Marquis
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Post #1by tb1024 » 25 Aug 2014, 0:47

I'm navigating on the forum through an Android device, and the PC style works really bad here. Why not a mobile device specific style?
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I can't wait for Wohlstand's Engine final version :D

Wohlstand M
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Lead Developer
Wohlstand M
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Lead Developer
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Post #2by Wohlstand » 25 Aug 2014, 1:27

I'm sometimes using my Android too (SGS III and FireFox browser), but never think about the mobile style. I'm thinking to do it though, near the release time. I'll have to then clean up the site and create a lot of guides and documentation pages for the engine, and also work on the mobile style for the forums. But I think I can really set this up later.

It'll be useful, because it will then open faster via EDGE. I have H+/3G available networks, but in the Moscow where I'm living, it's not that good and sometimes it goes down, leaving the slow EDGE network. This is because of the military stealing frequencies, other Russian cities like Rostov-on-Don have pretty good 3G/H+ and speedy networks.

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