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I keep getting logout from the forums lately..

Posted: 31 Dec 2017, 7:00
by PK Esper
The topic itself says it all. Is there any way to turn this off whenever I'm not on the forums/offline? (I might be stupid tho)

Posted: 31 Dec 2017, 20:29
by the GaMERDoG
Same question. :(

Posted: 1 Jan 2018, 1:34
by Wohlstand
Recently I have turned on HTTPS support, and I think, as you are using old HTTP URLs there are keeping non-logged in since cookies now working in HTTPS only. I still need to turn the HTTPS forcing on forums to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 0:46
by Wohlstand
Okay, I has been turned HTTPS forcing on forums and Wiki, so, an issue must go away, please check the stuff ;-)