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Posted: 27 Sep 2017, 0:30
by Ariinui
my nickname mean "prince of the night" but i don't remember where i found it...
for my avatar, i just don't really know what i can use

Posted: 5 Dec 2017, 10:17
by the GaMERDoG
Avatar v5: Same as the old, but this time it's the Bootleg House; the Dark-Red and Dark-Blue Rooms contain the old Bootlegs. The other Rooms contain a buttload of new Bootlegs, such as SMB1-styled SM64 color codes, Mettatons (Mettamario and Luigibot the 1st minor Bootlegs, Mettawario and Waluigibot the 1st Officials (opposite of Bootlegs)), etc. The Bootleg House guards are the 7th Bootleg, Rainy (Rainy is my first Ghost Group OC, if you didn't know), Musicality "Minister", and Pixality "PrimeMinister".

Posted: 1 Jul 2018, 14:02
by the GaMERDoG
Avatar v6: Same as the old, but this time the Bootlegs' leader is Pixmusdog, the 1st reborn Bootleg and a triple fusion of Gamerdog, Musicality and Pixality. Some of the Bootlegs were mutated when inserting DNA of LPE-001 "qdFhv-37YV" rot13+anagram+numbers, for example, Pixmusdog mutated into Pixmusquidog, some are the newcomers, for example, Strawderrick (Luigi's straw hat pal in an alternate universe) and D. T. Flopster 2.0 (Gaster in a lime-green-pink-blue floppy).

Posted: 13 Dec 2018, 18:19
by litteryoshi
Avatar: At very beginning just some random item from Mario Series. After had some basic knowledge about Touhou Project and had a idea about changing avatar, I searched Hakurei Reimu pictures and picked up one blindly.At that time I just a Primary student and didn't know where the original source.

Username: It supposed to be littleyoshi at first, but I was a primary student that time and lack of English skills . And I spell "little" to "litter" which means waste or throwing waste randomly .And I registered successfully before I realized this mistake ,so I took the wrong and make the best of it. Certainly many guys joked about this spelling mistake.

Posted: 17 Feb 2019, 0:27
by Dry Bones
Username: This is my favorite Enemy in the Super Mario series since SMB3, which is also the reason I choose him in Mario Party Games and Mario Kart Games
Avatar: Same reason as above. I chose the Sticker Star (ugh, Sticker Star) Version because I like the modern rendition of them more than the one used before NSMB.
I also wear gloves oftenly like the modern Dry Bones, because I have chirophobia (the fear of (seeing) Hands, at least bare Hands).

Posted: 30 Mar 2019, 10:15
by the GaMERDoG
Avatar v7: What the Boot-Legged House would look like in Doom's sprite rotation system, and SCP-055 with a gamepad in the middle.

Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 1:29
by +KZ

Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 1:02
by PracticalUsername
practicalshorty014 [2016-2017]: Shorty is the name of my cat, the others are a random word and my age when I joined the SMBX forums
Eureka [(SMBX: 2017-,PGE: 2017-2019] A word that describes how I felt when I found SMBX
PracticalUsername [PGE: 2019- ] Taken from my old username
My avatar is a SM64 styled Larry Koopa

Posted: 14 May 2019, 2:18
by bowserman8
i really like bowser from super mario, its my avatar and nickname :dance: