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Post #1by Squishy Rex » 2 Nov 2014, 16:10

Okay, so you'll have no doubt seen and heard all the hype with Mario fan boys wanting older Mario enemies and items to return and they haven't....or have they? Basically here's something to get you thinking, about Nintendo's Mario series and the "recycling" that does happen. So, people have always wanted things from SMB3 to make a triumphant return the most of all the original trilogy. Now most of those have not ever been see since, or at least not in the flesh you recognize. Here's a few things you may not have actually noticed, which is Nintendo recycling old favourites and giving them the return fans want, but also turning them into a whole new "thing".

- The Frog Suit: Now this is one thing that fans want, this was shown in the lead up to SM3DW with Luigi's Cat Suit, which resembled the Frog Suit as jokingly said, by the creators themselves. The hype over this was incredible, but many have not realized that the Frog Suit has been back since 2009. How is this possible? The Penguin Suit of course. It has all the traits of the Frog Suit, plus the added bonus of iceball throwing. Think about it, you walk slower, you can swim with ease and and navigate Jet Pipes without any worry. The Frog Suit did this too, it just looked different.

- Boss Bass: The chasing, chomping fish from SMB3 was feared as it meant instant death for anyone who got eaten. This was one of the strongest enemies out at the time. But he too has returned, think about these key words "chasing", "CHOMPing" and "Fish", that's right! Boss Bass was later reincarnated as "Cheep Chomp", but most people miss the connection.

- The Kuribo's Shoe: Now this maybe a little obvious, but it returned in another form too in 3D World. The ice skate version had only mere differences and here's one thing to think about, like the original, it cannot be taken out of the level it is in. Try it on any level that features the Kuribo's Skate and you will see it is impossible to reach the Goal Pole with a Skate, or like in Mystery House Marathon, completing the challenge it features in causes it to fly off and go "poof" just like the original.

Now there's plenty more like these out there. Have a think about them next time your off to fight Bowser and see what ones you can see have returned in a different form. Trust me, you will find many and most will be quite surprising. Have fun, good luck and post any you find or have found here. :)
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