world map sm3dland-like system..

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Topic author, Duke
Topic author, Duke
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Post #1by Ice » 3 Oct 2016, 1:55

sorry but I NEED YOUR HHAAALLPP :shout:

you see, im trying to make a sm3dland like world map and I can't find a way to
see if you can make a player enter a level with a certain amount of star coins...

Do I have to create or script or anything? :(
I-I-I-I-T'S-A-ICE TIME! :cool:

also i don't check this site often so sorry if I reply really late :fool:
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Post #2by Wohlstand » 3 Oct 2016, 9:00

1) You wrote your question in a wrong place
2) Which engine you mean? LunaLUA-SMBX (1.3), PGE Project or SMBX-38A (1.4.x).
3) Until you will tell which engine you are mean, I'll move your thread into sandbox. Then I will move it into right section.

With LunaLUA you have a flexible scripting system to process extra stuff. You can use global data storage to remember many various things and prevent entering to levels by count of something (same stars as example), and to provide a free-walkable area you have to fill area with invisible paths, or just trigger cheat flag from Kia code to allow wall everywhere, but lock yout character motion by your own code.

PGE Engine will support almost all of LunaLUA features (without memory commands) and will support many other own features, but now it is WIP.

SMBX-38A also has many own features in the world map side include layers and events. But be careful with TeaScript

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