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Post #1by EvilnessInside » 1 Sep 2020, 18:49

I dont care if im banned or if this topic is locked or if this is serious BECAUSE I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THIS!

You guy are ignoring me as if im dead just because im a kid doesn't mean im getting out of this forum. I bet right now you are gonna get way of here and I bet redigit will ignore me (I mean wohlstand im talking to you) all you guys and owner are not making this a right place to kids even if this isn't for kids I dont care what you say about me or what you do about me its not my problem because smbx in my life is getting thrown in the trash start saying mean things its not my problem, I left the community over there www.supermariobrox.org because they dont listen, there supposed to make this a better place when guess what? They dont! You guys are rude to ingore people so why treat kids like this you bully! (sorry)

You think kids are dumb? There not they can learn things before you adults which can help them make smarter choices than you guys like Oh my gosh ignoring is not a smart choice, its a bad choice, you guys are gonna curse and teach these kids bad things and guess what? They grow up to be like you!

So lets be smart! You guy already know im a kid and is not a smart choice to ignore them and bully them but you do anyways thinking your smarter than them, everybody knows its so easy to bully kids and all that stuff but ignoring them is not not simple we can annoy you by spamming if you ban us we can make inf alt accounts and spam so easily everything you say you have to think because you know im a kid and seeing everything

Make smart choices is my final answer! :beta: I bet you will ignore this

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