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Post #1by vitzie629 » 6 May 2023, 16:15

This is a level in SMBX that is a quiz kind of level in which the objective is just like the game show "Jeopardy!" where the question-and-answer format is reversed & provides the answer-and-question format & while the answer is given out on the screen, you have to find the correct question that matches the answer by entering the right pipe.

phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Download Link:
NOTE: Because this level features the cave echo sound effects, TheXTech is required for this build & it's best to use the latest development build of TheXTech!

Graphic Credits:
* SMB3 Pipe BGOs - Valtteri
* SMRPG Blue Font - Red Yoshi
* SMB3 Upside-Down & Right Pipes (Dummy Blocks) & Back Cave BGOs (Dummy BGOs) - Me (vitzie629)

I hope you like my quiz themed level in Super Mario Bros. X!

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