Danger, Surprise house!

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Post #1by Wohlstand » 31 May 2014, 18:23

Hello, this is a test example of using unstandart NPC including in block
For example: you can't include the ghost in "?" block via editor :D

Mario and Peach are walking in the forest....
And suddenly they encounter a very unusual house. There is almost no one present... It's pretty suspicious, even for a ghost house...

More screenshots...

This level is not long, but it has many secrets, play it first before you view it in the editor :D
Download this level (Decimals (0.0))
Download this level (Decimals (0,0))
For crash protection I created two versions: with dot as decimals (1.5) and with comma as decimals (1,5).
If you get "Runtime error type mismatch", please, get the other version and try it

Have fun ;)

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