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Post #1by SkullGamer205 » 20 Sep 2022, 15:18

Hello, guys. :hi:

Several months later, I decided to make another level, and it's in the style of Mario Forever, and it's also a maze. (From the name it is clear :huaji: )
This level is a kind of remake of Mario Forever's level 7-2 (that's why you can see the inscription "World 7-2R" in the level)
Also in this level, I made my own HUD, a bit like MF.
The level is not very difficult, but this does not mean that you will pass the first time.


Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image


Image Image

Image Image


The level is made especially for TheXTech v1.3.6 and higher. The probability that the level will work in SMBX2 is ZERO!

Click here to download level.


Good luck! :hi:
Someday I'll come again. I went to make a level...
Spoiler: The next level is about the Сaptain Toad. :huaji:

Added after 7 minutes 34 seconds:
I started checking in time, the installation link was broken. Currently everything is working properly. :crazy:

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