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Posted: 10 Sep 2016, 20:48
by Wohlstand
Bonnies wrote:Anyway, are the slopes finally fixed? I've been wondering when this will get finished! :)
Slopes are been FIXED, even I'll record a video demo for that

Posted: 19 Sep 2016, 22:22
by Wohlstand
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 15:18
by Laguna
Many encouragement with this project. I love the idea of creating my own platform game ^^.

New Update!

Posted: 30 Nov 2016, 0:02
by Wohlstand
New Update!

This is a bugfix release which also contains editor and engine side improvements like coin counter per every block, fixed-size screenshots (custom fixed size can be declared in the application settings, in the view tab), and added greeting dialog which will ask a user which interface is preferred for convenience. Classic GUI style now has a toolbar which is similar to the toolbar which was in the legacy editor!

All downloads are have been updated!

Next works will hard, and would take a time because it's huge reorganizing is planned. Please don't worry, If you will find some minor or crashing bugs, feel free report me to let me emergency release a patch for it. Good Luck ;-)

Editor changelog
* Added draggable splitter in the events toolbox
* Added ability to define fixed size for exportable section piece
* Fixed crash, caused by very small pictures (1 px height)
* Added preview counter of coins in the blocks
* Added direction arrows for warp points of pipe type
* Fixed in-bounds of section detection used by flood-fill algorithm
* Added ability to override grid size with custom
* Added ability to delete all elements of specified ID
* Fixed toolboxes visibility management
* Fixed bug in default grid snapping value applying
* Added a vanilla-like toolbar which will be shown when SMBX-Like GUI will be requested
* Added item type global grid field in the lvl_blocks, lvl_bgo, lvl_npc, wld_levels, wld_paths, wld_scenery and wld_tiles INIs
* Added welcome dialog for newbies
* Get characters information from lvl_characters.ini instead of main.ini!
* Fixed missed "modified" mark on elements deleting
* Fixed the focus stealing in the "don't show properties box" mode
* Better nearest section detection calculation by position bookmarks
* Fixed some missed "file modified" triggers
* Fixed confused events history tracking
* Added a scroll area into "Warps and Doors" toolbox

Engine 0.2.6-patch-1
* Fixed some NPC-AI API properties
* Added GIF recorder (working everywhere, by F11 key press)
* Fixed rendering of lua-rendered stuff hidden by message boxes
* Added support of Z-Index for image and text rendering from lua code
* Config pack selection dialog has been reorganized into a scene (that allows using a joystick in it, making screenshots from it and even recording GIFs from it!). It's one of the steps to reducing Qt usage on the engine side. Target is using QCoreApplication only to reduce the size of engine's static build.
* Font manager has been improved and fixed
* Special pause menu for the level testing mode with ability to restart the level!
* Don't close IPC-ran level on restarting

Posted: 14 Jun 2017, 1:45
by Wohlstand
Hello, everybody!

Important news, please read!

Recently we found a massive bug in Version 3.0 (older versions aren't affected) of the GIFs2PNG tool: When trying to convert images using a config pack and having the "-r" flag (remove source images) set, GIFs2PNG would also remove masks from the config pack!

We have updated the PGE Project builds to update GIFs2PNG to Version 3.0.1 which fixes this bug!

The next update to the PGE Project will come soon after we complete a lot of work on the engine application. The editor is preparing for a big reorganizing and will have many new features!

See you soon! Image

Posted: 25 Jun 2017, 12:21
by MidoriNeko
Nice! :clapping:

New Update!

Posted: 30 Aug 2017, 0:18
by Wohlstand
Greetings hoomans!

Here's a quick rundown of some (hopefully exciting!) news from the PGE devs for y'all.

We're releasing new versions of the Engine, Editor and other tools. These include small feature additions and numerous bugfixes for known bugs and crashes. This update also adds improved support for 38A level files and read-only support for 38A-formatted world maps.
PGE also finally has 64-bit assembly support for Windows (previously 64-bit support only went as far as Linux and macOS).

We're rebranding! The project you've known till now as the PGE Project will now be rebranding itself as the "Moondust" Project. For anyone feelin' out of the loop: For a while now, our devs have had the intention to have a project name that not only felt easier to remember, but something that had a more unique distinctive brand to reflect the project.

We think we've succeeded in figuring that out, and I'd like to thank everyone who participated in voting and/or provided feedback!

We're beginning a rather massive reorganization of the editor.
Yess it's true! The Editor is set to recieve a major overhaul and will be completely rewritten. Don't ring those alarm bells yet though! The existing editor will still be supported fully till we can get its replacement complete and up and running.

Article credits to Nexiana

All downloads have been updated

Editor changelog
* All frame delay values in all INI files have been renamed from "framespeed" and "frame-speed" into "frame-delay". Old values have been kept as aliases. The "framespeed" alias now has units in 1/65 seconds (to match with SMBX 1.3), while others have units in milliseconds.
* Added an absolute Z-Value definition for BGOs in the INI configuration
* Custom item INI files no longer require the section declaration at the beginning
* Added the absolute ~/Application/PGE Project alternate folder to escape path randomizing on macOS Sierra and higher
* Added ability to choose engine application in different folder if pge_engine does not exist in the same folder as editor
* Use physical hitboxes instead of bounding rectangles as grabbable area for every element
* Fixed crash caused by phantom R-Tree entries with dead pointer and zero size
* Fixed wrong initial frame for right-facing NPCs when animation is disabled
* Section numbers are now count from 0 (instead of counting from 1) to match SMBX and LunaLua core
* Added ability to hide meta-signs shown over blocks and NPCs when exporting images
* Added ability to hide enabled grid when exporting images
* Added ability to hide invisible blocks when exporting images
* Added more physical environment types
* Physical environment zones are now only grabbable by the border line again
* Fixed most rendering artifacts caused when animation is turned off
* Better "New File" toolbar drop-down menu icon
* Fixed a translation of Vanilla-like toolbar
* Fixed inability to save tileset when forbidden file path characters were used
* Custom counter settings now save into the "settings" subfolder along with all other settings INI files

Engine changelog 0.3-alpha
* Qt has been removed from dependencies for PGE Engine. PGE Engine now requires SDL2 only
* Font Manager has been reworked to use the FreeType library instead of QFont
* Added the ability to skip the long path opening animation by hitting the pause key on the world map
* Accuracy of the path opener has been improved and added support for debug rendering for it on the world map
* Added a smooth camera to opening path tiles on the world map
* Fixed the blinking of the playable character when shown on multiple cameras
* Fixed a bug which caused the appearance of self in the list of contacted objects, causing unexpected results
* All frame delay values in all INI files have been renamed from "framespeed" and "frame-speed" into "frame-delay". Old values have been kept as aliases. The "framespeed" alias now has units in 1/65 seconds (to match with SMBX 1.3), while others have units in milliseconds.
* Added an absolute Z-Value definition for BGOs in the INI configuration
* Custom item INI files no longer require the section declaration at the beginning
* Fixed issues related to HighDPI screen support: mouse cursor accuracy and rendering (worst case found on macOS with Retina screen)
* Use a subfolder of the default screenshot folder on macOS operating systems
* Added support for true multi-layered backgrounds

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 7:39
by P3rf3ctXZer0
Does this mean that when I google Plateform Game Engine it will open a page called Moondust?

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 19:14
by Wohlstand
P3rf3ctXZer0 wrote:Does this mean that when I google Plateform Game Engine it will open a page called Moondust?
"Platform game engine" is too generic title, and it will give lots of other game engines with similar title/subtitle even now. The reason of planned rebranding to give PGE an unique name which gives ability to easy identify it thousands of other similar game engines

Posted: 31 Dec 2017, 0:16
by Lavantablaze
I need help how do i make my backgrounds animate.. (smw cave, smw water) that's the only problem

Posted: 31 Dec 2017, 2:42
by Wohlstand
Lavantablaze wrote:I need help how do i make my backgrounds animate.. (smw cave, smw water) that's the only problem
It's easy: you will need to concoctate four images (there are must have same width and height!!!) vertically, and that will work when you will put them with same name as originals.

Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 0:46
by Lavantablaze
What width and height size?

Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 0:47
by Wohlstand
Lavantablaze wrote:What width and height size?
Count of pixels per left and per top sides on every frame that in your background sprite image file. (C) Captain Obvious

Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 0:55
by Lavantablaze
Oof... i wish i could understand but i don't i been playing smbx for 2 years and i switched to 1.4.4 and that made me stoped creating lvls

A delayed announce of PGE update: PGE Editor and PGE Engine 0.3.1-alpha

Posted: 15 Nov 2018, 23:17
by Wohlstand

Greetings everyone! Sorry for the long delay in announcements related to the PGE toolchain. I still mostly work on most of PGE intensely when I can despite having issues with finding free time to do so. For the time being, I am going to to showcase changes and improvements I have made to PGE components for two years.

The PGE editor has gotten an updated engine with features such as item and tileset editor toolboxes. There also many new features that allow you to better search, change order or filter various specifications. The tileset editor has finally got a filtering feature that we found was a necessity for tileset creators. The tileset itembox now has a nice tab widget instead of combo-boxes (a.k.a. drop-down lists) for tileset groups, and the menu button to show a full tileset groups list as a menu (this is helpful when tileset lists are too long). The full changelog containing a list of significant changes can be found below:
- Tilesets item box: ComboBox of groups has been replaced with a tab-bar and the right-side menu
- Added weight order factor for tileset groups
- Player start points now aligning with 16x16 grid size
- Support for the now outdated Legacy Editor level test run feature has been removed due to it being the cause of numerous issues.
- Fixed synchronization of the world map item box and the tool button
- Added a feature to declare default visibility of visible toolboxes in the config pack main.ini
- Added a visual indicator of the Background-ID in the level section backgrounds list
- Added a button in the Level Section Properties toolbox to open custom background config files
- Added ability to set default zoom on file open or create (In the Application Settings and Editor tab)
- Multiple files can now be opened by the file dialog option executed from the "File -> Open" menu
- Added support for custom config side animation sequences for BGO, Terrain tiles, Sceneries, Paths, and level entrance points
- Improved sizable blocks rendering algorithm: now it supports customized fixed-size border width (both for common and for individual sides)
- Added weight order factor for tileset categories
- Added search and configurable sort into The Tileset Editor
- Reworked filtering system on Level Item-Box
- Sizable blocks now support an animated textures
- Added support for bitblit mask fallback (using default PNG to regenerate the missing mask)
- Resize box's grid size is now affecting by the grid override feature.
- The strict SMBX64 mode will be kept when restoring files after a crash
- Fixed the spam of physical environment zones caused by history undo and redo
- Added support for grid offset for blocks
- Added support for Right-To-Left layout direction for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. languages
- Added an action for LunaTester to kill a running background instance
- Config pack reload will now save all opened files and restore them back after the reload
- Added ability to automatically restart editor on config pack switching
- Fixed a crash of the LunaTester when receiving an incorrect input from the LunaLua backend
- Added basic support for custom user data per every element on the level (Blocks, BGOs, and NPCs only yet)

- Fixed a crash on attempt to load some NPC-*.txt files with incorrect values (for example, a grid size value that equal to zero)
- World map elements now support "name" INI field
- Added an ability to pass CSS file by theme to stylize UI of Editor (CSS Reference is here:

- Added ability to transform blocks into BGOs and BGOs into blocks

In this update, the Engine receives the benefits of TTF fallback support that allows displaying most of the texts correctly for cases when characters are not presented in a chosen raster font. Also included is repaired support for elements "hot placing" while running a level test from the Editor; finally giving an "attackArea" API that allows playable characters to have melee attacks (for example, raccoon tail whip, sword, punches, etc.). The full list can be seen below in the changelog:
- LuaJIT is now working on macOS!
- Using updated SDL Mixer X
- Fixed the date filenames generation for screenshots and recorded GIF movies
- Repaired TTF fallback support
- Added support for more than one TTF font loaded in one time
- Fixed inability to use hot-placing from the Editor's IPC
- Added support for custom config side animation sequence for BGO, Terrain tiles, Sceneries, Paths, and level entrance points
- Improved sizable blocks rendering algorithm: now it supports customizable fixed-size border width (both common and for each side individually)
- Fixed font manager font ID processing
- Sizable blocks now support an animated textures
- Fixed message box texture border width support
- Added support for bitblit mask fallback (using default PNG to regenerate the missing mask)
- Added attackArea lua function to a playable character which allows players to have melee attacks
- Added an experimental ability to customize in-game resolution by config pack from the engine.ini file

We did previously track the changelog for Music Player so this will be the first released changelog. This version of the music testing player has gotten a significantly improved seek bar that indicates the loop area with a blue zone. All MIDI related extra settings are moved into a separated widget that can be shown from context menu item. Additionally, a menu bar has been added where you can choose most features that were previously hidden.
* Changelog added.
* Split up MIDI Settings and SFX testing
* Added menu-bar
* Seek-bar has been replaced with a custom which now can indicate a loop range
* Meta-tag labels now has a marquee effect on mouse hover
* File re-open now no more causes the main toolbox to be moved on a certain distance
* MIDI settings now can be changed without a requirement of a MIDI file open
* Added ability to set up the chip emulator for ADLMIDI and OPNMIDI
* Added printing of arguments in the bottom of MIDI settings

* Added global API version value for all PGE components that are using config packs
* QMake build with a set of bash scripts has been completely replaced with a superior CMake build
* Added ability to pack the whole source code pack from GIT repository includes all submodules ( module is required)
* Windows Online Installer will now ship Timidity patches set to allow users to use the MIDI synthesizer. It also install the Lowser Conquest Demo episode with A2XT config pack to provide a ready-to-play environment for reviewers and testers that might be trying the PGE toolchain for the first time and/or lack familiarity with SMBX and related community stuff.
* The build system has been reorganized along with the introduction of config pack API versions. This means that I can produce updates of PGE stable builds more often

Download links can be found here:
* Stable builds:
* Fresh experimental / nightly builds:

See ya hopefully soon for another update! ;-)

Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 14:22
by Wohlstand
In favor of new topic, this one is going to be closed

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