A potential plot for an episode

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Post #1by Petros18 » 24 Oct 2022, 10:47

This is the plot. Anyone who is interested tell me here and maybe help me:

Enough with the Bowser kindnapping princess and Mario rescuing her cliche stuff. This time things are different.

We are in Marioverse, specifically in the mushroom kindom where Mario and Princess finally got married. Meanwhile, in Bowser kindom Bowser accepted the fact that if he continues doing the same stuff while never learning from his mistakes, history will just repeat itself, so he just gave up and found peace, got married with bowsette and made amends with the Mario brothers. The Wario brothers after being aware of the events with Mario brothers and Bowser, realised that they didn't have many differences with Bowser, this is why they decided to end their rivarly with Mario and Luigi as well. It was finally peaceful in the mushroom and bowser kindom. Heading to Yoshi's island, Yoshi after saying goodbye to Mario and Luigi finally headed back home to his family with his wife and kids, he had enough of the same repetitive adventures. This is why he decided to have a party with all of the locals on the island to celebrate the end of an era and the beggining of a new one. In conclusion, the Marioverse is finally at peace, everything is almost perfect for the first time. What could possibly go wrong... seriously.. what could possibly go wrong?

Now, we are in an unkown galaxy in an unknown planet far away from the mushroom kindom. This planet is populated with some weirldy looking creatures with a pink mushroom on their heads that look like toads but are not actually toads. This planet is dominated by Princess Shroob which is in the top of the shroob hirearchy. This alien is really hungry for power, so she decides to invade all of the nearby planets of the galaxy. Planet Cave, Planet Haunted and Planet Switch are all conquered by the princess. But her hunger for power doesn't finish there. Princess Shroob is also very smart, because she knows that the mushroom kindom is the only true challenge that will get on her way of conquering the whole Marioverse. She knows that if she invades directly Earth, will most likely loose due to her lack of power. That's when she finds an alternative to conquer the moon, build bases there and go as far as to conquer planet Mars as well. Her strategic plan seems to be working and if that's not enough, with the power she posseses now even created a new planet for Bowser, so she can bring him to her side, but Bowser now is mature so refused the offer. His kids though except bowser Jr did not, since they seem to got manipulated and brainwashed by the Princess so they allied with her thinking that Bowser let them down by not sticking up to his promises. And if you think that's too much, princess Shroob thinks she has enough power to merge the Marioverse with Sonicverse the Pokeverse and even the PvZverse into one universe and conquer it. The merge part was a success. That was the breaking point, where Dr. Eggman from sonicverse, Team Rocket from Pokeverse and Dr.Zomboss from PvZverse allied with Princess Shroob who has also created a new ally Dark Bowser. In addition an alternative universe, the kirby universe merged as well, so King Dedede and Meta Knight joined the dark side as well. This leaves us with the good side which includes the Mario and Wario Brothers, Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Sonic, Knuckles, Pikachu, Ash, Crazy Dave and Penny the Machine. Princess shroob kindnaps Princess Deach and Daisy, Tails, Amy, Shadow, all of the pokemons in the Pokeverse including even legendary ones like mewto with the help of team rocket except Pikachu and Ash, and also kindnaps all of the plants on the PvZverse except the Sunflower and the Peashooter. That's when she finally invades the Marioverse.


1. Princess Shroob invades her nearby planets and conquers them.
2. Mario and Peach get married, Luigi and Daisy get married (double wedding).
3. Bowser gives up and finds peace since he got back together with Bowsette.
4. Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman once again with the help of his friends, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Shadow.
5. Ash Kechum becomes officialy the best pokemon trainer in the world of Pokeverse, while team tried to steal him but failed to do so for one last time.
6. All of Dr. Zombos's army gets defeated by Crazy Dave's plants so he gives up.
7. Princess Shroob continues to her next step, by conquering the Moon and conquering Mars without Earthlings noticing.
8. Yoshi went back to his home in Yoshi's island where he had a party with the locals to celebrate his return.
9. Bowser visits the Mushroom Kindom to apologise to Mario and make amends, Mario thinks he came as a threat, but then realised he wanted to change. That's when Bowser Kindom and Mushroom Kindom make amends.
10. Donkey kong defeated King K. Rool and managed to protect his Jungle and his son Diddy Kong.
11. Princess shroob decides that she has to invade Earth, but in order to do that, she needs to invade the other universes that are easier, the Sonicverse, Pokeverse, PvZverse and Kirbyverse.
12. Kirby continues his rivarly against King Dedede and Meta Knight.
13. Wario brothers tried to steal the Mario Brothers but got stopped by Bowser and told them that it's not worth it. So they made amends as well and Bowser donated money to them.
14. Princess Shroob invades the Sonicverse, steals all of the chaos emeralds, kindnaps Tails, Amy and Shadow and allies with Dr.Eggman and Mecha Sonic.
15. Princess Shroob teams up with Team Rocket and steal all of the pokemons in the Pokeverse, hypnotizes legendary pokemons like Mewtwo bringing them into her side and kindnaps Misty and Brock. Ash and Pikachu managed to escape.
16. Princess Shroob teams up with Dr. Zomboss and build a stronger Zombie empire and kindnap all of the Plants except Peashooter and Sunflower. Crazy Dave and Penny machine escaped.
17. Princess Shroob recruits Meta Knight and King Dedede.
18. Rosalina created portals for the othet universes to help the good guys get away and come to the Marioverse where it's still uninvdaded. Since she knows about the universes, warns the Mushroom Kindom and the Bowser Kindom to get prepared. Unfortunately they did not get this message seriously since they think aliens are unlikely to exist nearby.
19. Princess Shroob decides to merge all of the Universes into one bringing the bad guys with her.
20 Princess Shroob visits the Bowser Kindom first, trying to convince Bowser to ally with her but he refuses since he matured. His kids though the koopalings got manipulated and brainwashed, so they allied with her. That's when Princess Shroob conquered Venus for the koopalings. Her last step before invading the Marioverse was Summoning Dark Bowser since she thought it would be a good alternative for Bowser.
21. Princess shroob is ready to attack. She invades the Marioverse and almost conquers all of the worlds. But there is still hope. There are some hidden places that went unnoticed like tmToad houses, other natural places, Yoshi Vilages but the most important is that our heroes are still alive.
22. Rosalina spreads her power stars across the universe and explains to the heroes that when all of them are collected, then Princess Shroob will be stopped. Power stars are hidden in Marioverse, Sonicverse, Pokeverse, Kirbyverse, PvZverses, Moon, Mars, Venus and even in the other galaxy planets.

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