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2 Tilesets With the Same Name

Posted: 12 Jul 2016, 1:35
by Sambo
If I create 2 tilestsets, then give them the same name, they can both still be used, but when I try to edit them, they will all open the first tileset made that had that name. Perhaps you could change the system so it grabs the tileset based on the file, not the name. Or, maybe you just prevent users from making 2 tilesets with the same name.

Posted: 12 Jul 2016, 8:07
by Wohlstand
I think, I saw this issue on one of random levels where are two tilesets with same name, so, I'll fix that

Posted: 14 Jan 2019, 19:43
by Wohlstand
As I remember, that was fixed some times ago... Please confirm, does it works now or not?