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They are perfect addition for this Engine.
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They are not bad, could think of some others.
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Post #401by Wohlstand » 31 Jul 2017, 15:18

sken130 wrote:So, you mean config packs will be able to change the physics, and store the physics logics as some kind of Lua scripts or Javascripts or in some other scripting languages?
- Lua scripts is used in the Engine to program NPC-AIs, playable character's mechanics, common level environment (for example, P-Switch is completely coded in lua), world map environment, loading screen, title screen (to make the custom background cutscene based on sprite animations, motions, or coming soon auto-playing demo level like on legacy engine, and player's actions will must be coded in lua), credits screen, game over screen, etc.
- JavaScript is used in Editor as language of editor plugins and config pack configure scripts (that required for "SMBX-Integration"-like config packs). Even now in laboratory and available config packs you can find ton of working examples (but yeah, I wasn't completely documented lua API since it's WIP and lacks lot of for now)

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