Underwater levels and swimming enemies

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Post #1by Comic » 16 Jun 2021, 6:38

I downloaded the platforming game engine (moondust) and have been using the PGE editor for about 2 weeks now, so please bear with me now as there are still many things I am still learning in it. I have started getting the hang of managing section traits such as scrolls, warps and so on. But I still don't understand some parts of the underwater section setting.

For both fully underwater sections and "fill with water" blocks/areas, water enemies such as fishclop and catfish will phase through the water as if they were on land. I have tried changing the NPC properties by clicking on the different fish algorithms, but for all of the options the fish will just fall to a platform below and crawl until reaching an edge.
I'm sure that there is a simple solution for this, but I am just overlooking it. So, please help me on this. Thankyou

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