[Assets] Super Mario Bros. X Nostalgy

Description: These are full sets of standalone resources packages that represent complete games. There are also episodes that feature a complete set of assets than using default SMBX assets.
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Post #1by Wohlstand » 16 Feb 2022, 20:49

MenuGFX2.png (22.11 KiB) Viewed 2261 times

This is the recreation of the original assets that came from early SMBX versions (from 1.0.0 to 1.1.x).

It has developed with a collaborated effort by Wohlstand, vitzie629, and P-Tux7 (aka FanofSMBX).





Download SMBX Nostalgy assets for TheXTech (30.6 MB)

Differences to SMBX 1.3 assets

  • Three mushroom sizable blocks from Super Mario World were painted with an SMA2 palette (they were brighter than blocks used in SMBX 1.3).
  • Most of the music had used NES OST, SMBX 1.3 used mostly SNES music instead.
  • Switch blocks had different colors than SMBX 1.3 has.
  • Title theme was the same as the "Super Mario 64 title screen".
  • Ghost house theme was the "Haunted House" theme from the "Super Mario 64".
  • The "Lost woods" theme was the "Forest of Mystery" from the "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" 3DS game while SMBX 1.3 used the "Forest of Mystery" theme from the "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past" SNES game.

There are three legendary episodes included
  • The Invasion - the original episode made by Redigit and included with the first release of Super Mario Bros. X made in the year 2009.
  • The Princess Cliche - another episode made by Redigit which was packaged together with the SMBX 1.1.
  • The Great Castle Adventure - the third major episode made by Zephyr was packaged together with the SMBX 1.1.

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Post #2by FanofSMBX » 23 Feb 2022, 6:38

Does this include the following assets?

1. SMBX 1.2.2-1.3 Player Toad
2. SMBX Old Switch Colour Goombas
3. SMBX 1.2.1 Time Stop P-Switch
4. Pre-SMBX Sizables
5. Old SMB1 Green Koopa Shell (in underground/castle colours)

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Post #3by Murphmario » 1 Jul 2022, 20:34

I feel like the Forest of Mystery theme should be changed back to the version from Link to the Past, because at the time SMBX 1.0 was released A Link Between Worlds wasn't yet a thing.

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