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16-bit NSMBWii Grass Tiles

Posted: 5 Nov 2017, 1:07
by Turret 3471
So, it's been quite a while since I posted any sort of graphics pack, mainly to the original SMBX forums. But since I've been learning (and sort of teaching myself) how to make sprites and tilesets, I thought I'd make something special for once.
My very first complete tileset!

Before this, I tried making my own tiles in 2014 for Mari0... they didn't really look that great. Poor shading, horrible color palette choice, didn't really fit the Mario style too well. However, now that I have the right programs and experience, I've decided to work with tilesets again, this time with my favorite Mario series, New Super Mario Bros.
A few months ago, I had revealed I was working on a big NSMB pack, containing blocks, BGs, and BGOs (possibly NPCs) from the entire NSMB series. So, why not start things off with the grass tileset from NSMBWii/2!
There's even plenty of sizable customization, thanks to BGOs! (yes, I'm actually using bgos to their advantage this time around)
Really hope you guys like this. I had so much fun making this tileset, especially with it being my first completed tileset. =)

(hecc... my dropbox is full, so I gotta use mega now...)

Posted: 5 Nov 2017, 2:06
by Eri7
The tileset is nice and well done , I'm expecting more good graphics from you :good: .