[38A] Fireball over Yoshi's tongue

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Post #1by the GaMERDoG » 15 Mar 2017, 8:53

Just decided to share a masterpiece that I made for one of my scrapped episodes.
yoshi-0.png (251 Bytes) Viewed 282 times
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skpr ( :tux: 1)/elempow=linux/atktype=rang+mel/5df/5at/5sp/arm=none/wep=orders/maxhp=100
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rico ( :tux: 3)/elempow=linux/atktype=rang+mel/7df/7at/5sp/arm=none/wep=mouth/maxhp=100
pvt ( :tux: 4)/elempow=linux/atktype=rang+mel/3df/1at/5sp/arm=none/wep=cuteness/maxhp=100
lighthouse64 ( :warning: )/elempow=sound/atktype=ranged/5df/8at/7sp/arm=none/wep=mic/maxhp=100


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