SMB 1 Styled Sonic 1 Marble

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Elf of H & L
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Elf of H & L
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Post #1by Elf of H & L » 23 Dec 2019, 11:08

Currently only basic terrain tiles.


SMB1 Styled Sonic 1 Marble Zone.7z
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I'm working a soundfont which is called Starlight Dream.
This time is SC-8850 Compatible.

I'm using setBfree to create organs, as well as ZynAddSubFX, Dexed and Surge to create instruments that other than non-FM organs.
I'm also learning sign languages. I used a book for reference.


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Post #2by cpt_beefheart » 17 Jan 2020, 15:03

Great work, do you have any other tiles? I have a project recently that I'm thinking about launching next summer and I need some similar terrain tiles. Maybe we can work together? It's in the script process right now and as soon as I return home I will start working on it. I've been abroad for a while in order to find a real estate for sale in Barcelona but I'm planning to return back next month and start working on it.

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