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by Mario_GamerXx
27 Mar 2018, 17:41
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Topic: (Collaboration) -LEVEL SIGNUPS- Mario and the myterious island
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A bit of help

I have got a whole world map for you with the bonus world and If you want I can make you a level on one of the bonus levels called the Dusty Desert ;-)

Added after 7 minutes 39 seconds:
I have got plenty of levels for you and a whole world map ;-)
by Mario_GamerXx
24 Mar 2018, 19:37
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Ideas for SMBX 1.4.5
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Re: Ideas for SMBX 1.4.5

I think you should put a script which has super mario odyssey.When you enter a pipe which sends you to an 8 bit world.Must chamge the graphics and the music.
by Mario_GamerXx
27 Dec 2017, 17:08
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Topic: >[Tea-Script]< Super Mario Odyssey X Demo English Version By: me
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Re: >[Tea-Script]< Super Mario Odyssey X Demo English Version By: me

HugoMDM how do I pass the beginning man?It's too difficult.

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