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12 Dec 2017, 22:13
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Syntax error
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Re: Syntax error

You can not put a script inside any function with npc(sysval(param1)) val(dy)=(Char(1).Y-.Y) val(dx)=(Char(1).X-.X) val(dt)=dr(val(dx),val(dy))/val(v) .Ysp=val(dy)/val(dt) .Xsp=val(dx)/val(dt) end with Script dr(ddx As Double, ddy As Double, Return Double) return sqr(Param(ddx)^2 + Param(ddy)^2) End...
by BlackBlex
23 Nov 2017, 13:28
Forum: Super Mario Bros. X by 38A (SMBX-38A)
Topic: SMBX 38A Easter Egg Minigames (1.4.4)
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Re: SMBX 38A Easter Egg Minigames (1.4.4)

As that minesweeper is bugged or badly programmed, it does not really follow the mechanism of a minesweeper :( :(


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