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17 Nov 2017, 0:19
Forum: Levels
Topic: [SMBX 1.4.4] Cap Hills
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[SMBX 1.4.4] Cap Hills

Hello everyone. This is my custom level made after I saw first Super Maro Odyssey Trailer. It's based on Bonneton (Cap kingdom). This level (I think) doesn't contain any spoilers to the game. Download: Screenshots: CH2.png CH1.png Credits: ...
by Gas
16 Nov 2017, 23:35
Forum: Super Mario Bros. X by 38A (SMBX-38A)
Topic: SMB1 Recolored Magikoopa
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16-bit SMB1 Magikoopa/Kamek

Made by G.A.S.
Have fun!

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