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by timocomsmbx14x2345
16 Oct 2017, 22:31
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Topic: The Great SMBX 38A Contest I
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soo my level was abbysmal?
by timocomsmbx14x2345
4 Mar 2017, 0:47
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Topic: NPC ideas
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NPC ideas

I have some great npc ideas right here: Power-Ups Gold flower Super Acorn P-Wing P-Acorn SML flower Boomerang Flower Bomb Flower - lets you throw bombs Burning Mushroom - Turns Mario on fire, and make you invincible to everything, and makes you run 3 times as fast. Thunder Flower - Lets Mario shoot ...
by timocomsmbx14x2345
30 Jan 2017, 4:47
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: More npcs?
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More npcs?

I would like to see these thing involved in 1.4.4:
Power Ups:
Gold flower, Boomerang flower, Double Cherry, Acorn, P-Wing, Cape Feather, & P-Balloon, Gold Mushroom, and the coin that's worth 50 coins.

Most of the New Super Mario Bros U enemies, as well as The Thousand Year Door Enemies.
by timocomsmbx14x2345
30 Jan 2017, 3:59
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Topic: Different Script??
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Different Script??

I can tell this forum is very different than the one I'm used to, 1.4 is really written in TeaScript?

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