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by Professor Moriarty
5 Apr 2017, 22:03
Forum: Super Mario Bros. X by 38A (SMBX-38A)
Topic: Smbx 1.4.4 Coordinates
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Re: Smbx 1.4.4 Coordinates

go to Editor Settings and check Real Coordinates, see if that helps
by Professor Moriarty
7 Jan 2017, 19:12
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: (fixed now) bug I had involving custom player sprites
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(fixed now) bug I had involving custom player sprites

I've fixed it now but apparently I should report it anyway. I was making a project which used a huge number of custom graphics and text files in the main folder. Despite ostensibly it being perfectly fine - and even working on other projects, the custom player sprites other than mario-1 (so any powe...
by Professor Moriarty
3 Dec 2016, 15:11
Forum: LunaLua - Extension Framework
Topic: LunaLua Offical Thread
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Re: LunaLua Offical Thread

am I doing something wrong, or has Autocode been removed?
by Professor Moriarty
2 Dec 2016, 18:47
Forum: LunaLua - Extension Framework
Topic: Suggestion: onNPCAppear() event
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Suggestion: onNPCAppear() event

specifically onNPCAppear(NPC number) (e.g. onNPCAppear(1) would trigger every time a SMB3 Goomba appears on screen) onNPCKill already exists and it could make coding simple boss battle changes (such as a LUA version of Murphmario's old Bullet Birdo) and flower power ups much simpler. alternatively o...

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