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by Rednaxela
8 Apr 2020, 4:23
Forum: SMBX2 Troubleshooting
Topic: Minor Controller Issues with Linux
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Re: Minor Controller Issues with Linux

Thanks for reporting this issue. Turns out the pipe error when using the controller was caused by an accidental "1 frame" delay of controller input, though in the case of an overworld pipe it's extra-noticeable because it made it seem held for 1 frame after the teleport, triggering a re-te...
by Rednaxela
24 May 2019, 7:39
Forum: Sandbox
Topic: get eri7 unpermabanned
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Re: get eri7 unpermabanned

I can't speak with regards to any forums, but: Do you have evidence of this behavior? What Darkonius is referring to is in the public logs on the Codehaus Discord server and I can attest is 100% correct. The ban with with good reason, second chances were given, and squandered. It is also as TNTtimel...

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