How to install a configuration package

The installation process of a configuration package is simple and easy.

After download you have the one archive file which have included subdirectory:


Inside this subdirectory you will find a set of *.INI files which defines settings and game items, and a data directory with a configuration package media: Graphics, Music, Sounds.

Variants of configuration packages:

Full - have everything in one archive.
Integration - A special lightweight variant of config pack which usually has INI settings and scripts only and has no graphics and musics. Therefore to work with it, Editor will request you to configure it: you must point the folder with a content which required to work with it.


How to install:

1) Find the configs directory in your editor folder (if directory is not exist, create it).

2) Unpack the archive with configuration package into this directory

3) If you are not running The Editor in a first time and you want to begin a usage of installed configuration package, change a current configuration package in the [ Tools -> Global configuration -> Switch configuration...] menu.


Check configuration status

You can check correctness of installation of configuration pack in the  [ Tools -> Global configuration -> Current configuration status...]

Status tab, is a list of successfully loaded or failed media files


Directories tab is a list of media paths:

Where a Level data - is a path to the "blocks", "background", "background2", "npc", "effect" folders
Where a World map data - is a path to the "tile", "scene", "path", "level", "player" folders
Where a Characters folder - is a path to sprites of your playable characters (each character have own folder for sprites, for example, "demo", "iris", "kood", "raocow", etc.)


Errors tab - is a list of errors are occouped while a configuration package loading process.