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Small update of PGE Project and bugfixes

This update contains a set of bugfixes and has completely rewritten console tools (GIFs2PNG, PNG2GIFs, and LazyFixTool) which now are lightweight and independent from Qt DLLs and SOs! Also, the update of PGE File Library finally fixes the ability to open latest 38A levels and adds a support to open 38A world maps! (However, read-only, and some settings are will be lost, but you are still able to save it into SMBX64 and PGE-X formats).

Mac assembly was rebuilt and fixed, now it finally works on the new macOS Sierra!

For a full changelog, please click the "Read more" link.


Posted 02/25/2017 12:16 by Wohlstand

PGE-Wiki now has Visual Editor!

Small news on the PGE Wiki! collected_hi.gif

Now I doing some experiments with the VisualEditor which allows you to make the wiki pages much easier! It's widely using on the Wikipedia, Wikia, and many other MediaWiki based projects!

For now, you are able to enable it in your editing settings, then you will be able to use it!

One note: in any case, it doesn't work, means, my primary server (where Parsoid backend is running) is down or has trouble with my IPS's down.

Good luck! collected_wink.gif


Posted 01/15/2017 01:14 by Wohlstand

Happy New Year!

Hello, everybody!

This was a very busy year: We were overloaded with various side jobs, we had a lot of surprises, some good, some bad. Although many bad things happened this year, we think that everyone has at least something archived this year. Each of us and everyone as a community.

Happy New Year, our dear friends! We wish you good luck in this year, and many more good moments, and more surprises!

Wohlstand & Kevsoft


Posted 01/01/2017 02:27 by Wohlstand

LunaLua v0.7.3.1 is finally released

This version provides an ability to natively run level testing from PGE Editor's call with an ability to quickly restart a level with sending latest in-editor changes, reset checkpoints, toggle playable character, etc.

Here is the changelog:

  • Added non-ASCII paths support! (LunaLUA-SMBX's root finally can be placed into a path with non-ASCII characters. But limit is: don't mix codepages (example: both Russian and Chinese characters in a path, or you will get VB Error "File not found". Same happens on Vanilla SMBX if you have been used non-local characters.))
  • Added a test-mode system which can be controlled by LunaTester inside Windows version of PGE Editor.
  • Added Graphics.getBits32 function which is a fast way to access the bits of an image resource
  • glDraw can draw with scene coordinates (sceneCoords=true as named arg)
  • Added CaptureBuffer class which allows capturing the screen at a specific render priority
  • The max id of Blocks has been increased to 700
  • Added lunabase.lua to LuaScriptsLib which is a global user script file.
  • Overworld sprite can be patched at runtime
  • Added Misc.registerCharacterId which allows registering new characters
  • Added Misc.resolveGraphicsFile which only resolves a file from a custom folder, episode folder or the graphics folder from SMBX.
  • Added Graphics.loadImageResolved which is a handy combination of Graphics.loadImage and Misc.resolveGraphicsFile, with a useful error message if it can't find anything.
  • Added PlayingSfxInstance class which represents a sound
  • Added some new defines
  • Enhanced profile.lua to be useful. Usable by hitting F3 to start and F3 to finish.
  • Add force_disable_fullscreen option to luna.ini because the smbx fullscreen is acting up for some
  • Add Player.getIntersecting


Posted 12/14/2016 02:51 by Wohlstand

PGE Update (Editor, Engine 0.2.6-alpha-patch-1)

This is a bugfix release which also contains editor and engine side improvements like coin counter per every block, fixed-size screenshots (custom fixed size can be declared in the application settings, in the view tab), and added greeting dialog which will ask a user which interface is preferred for convenience. Classic GUI style now has a toolbar which is similar to the toolbar which was in the legacy editor!

All downloads are been updated



Next works will hard, and would take a time because it's huge reorganizing is planned. Please don't worry, If you will find some minor or crashing bugs, feel free report me to let me emergency release a patch for it. Good Luck ;-)



Posted 11/29/2016 06:57 by Wohlstand

PGE Update (Editor, Engine 0.2.6-alpha)

This is a big update for the PGE Project, which contains a reorganizing of the config pack management system and lot of other bug fixes. Configure tools in the config packs like "SMBX Integration" now are working with JavaScript, which allows them be platform-independent and more secure! The PGE Engine got a huge improvement recently and now has an upgraded physical engine which fixes most of the bugs with slopes and with moving blocks (however, there is still improvement for layer move system to be made)!
More detail info in the change logs!

Small and good news for users with portable packages (.ZIP): settings will no longer be lost when you are doing an update, because all settings will be saved into the new-created "settings" folder, which will never be replaced on an update with a ZIP-Package!

A big update is done for the OS X users, which will be able associate LVL/WLD/LVLX/WLDX-files with PGE Editor and PGE Engine by simple placing the PGE Project-folder into the "Applications" directory. In addition many other fixes were made, including the fix for interprocess testing!

All downloads are have been updated!

Note: Old config packs are no more compatible with this version, and lot of glitches are possible with them. Therefore, you must download the new config packs from a main page.

In next time I'll release updates more often ;-)


Posted 09/05/2016 05:23 by Wohlstand

PGE Update (Editor, Engine

Sorry for taking too long for a new update :P This update contains internal optimizations and very important improvements and bug fixes.

Direct level testing in the SMBX Engine from PGE Editor is finally possible without pre-launching the legacy editor. PGE Engine finally supports backup module with OpenGL 2 to allow support for PGE Engine on older hardwares, finally implemented support for non-power-of-two textures on video cards which support power-of-two textures only. BGO order in PGE Editor finally got fixed (after some research, we extracted all BGO order priorities for all BGOs), so troubles with missmatched order of BGOs in comparison to old SMBX Engine is finally resolved. Also, PGE File Library can finally read and write SMBX 1.4 (SMBX-38A) level files (though support for SMBX 1.4 world map files isn't implemented yet).


Posted 04/08/2016 12:29 by Wohlstand

Introducing LunaLOL

Happy April Fools Day! If you belived this, you got fooled pretty hard ;)
Original Message:

"With recent research we found a better language for LunaDLL. For the next version it will use LOLCODE. A very flexible language for writing dynamic code. It is much more understandable for younger programmer and will help to bring the project one step further. In addition, the project will be renamed "LunaLOL" to reflect the newest additon. Lua will be then deprecated and will be removed eventually. To get a taste of the new language you can check out this website: http://lolcode.org/

Here is an example code snippet for LunaLOL:

HAI 1.7

See? Much easier to write good code!
Happy hacking!"




Posted 04/01/2016 03:10 by Kevsoft

Nightly Windows builds of PGE now are full!

Since we are seted up own continuous integration server, coded in the bash, winbatch and bit PHP, which working on http://pgeci.wohlnet.ru/ address, we are able to do nightly builds longer than 1 hour (appveyor limits any builds in 1 hour, to build full PGE package need more than 1 hour on a slow machine, therefore appveyour is able to build PGE Editor only).

Now we can provide full nightly built packages of PGE for Windows!

New continuous integration server is based on Cent OS 7 machine which uses a Wine environment with pre-installed Qt 5.5.1 (will be upgrated to 5.6 when it will be finally released) and MinGW. It's possible to use MinGW-w64 cross-compiler to build a static versions of PGE which don't require any additional DLLs. Wine-based building system gives the ability to correctly deploy shared-based build which currently is more compact. Wine is much more compact and effective than virtual machine with running Windows and requires less memory.


Fresh nightly built developing versions of PGE builds are available here:




Posted 03/01/2016 04:15 by Wohlstand

February development news (PGE & LunaLUA)

PGE Editor

After a bit of work, PGE Editor now has much better integration with SMBX:

  • It's no longer required to launch SMBX Editor to test SMBX levels, SMBX level editor window will be launched automatically when you will want to test a SMBX level in PGE Editor.
  • Compatibility with Vanilia builds, you still do a test even LunaLUA is not installed, but you should start a dummy episode yourself.
  • configure.exe (a tool provided with SMBX Integration config pack) now gives a flexible configuring of configuration package: it will automatically import custom musics and sound names from music.ini and sounds.ini presented in LunaLUA-SMBX, and it will convert all SFX'es in the Vanilia-SMBX into OGG format to allow compatibility with SDL Mixer Ext library.



LunaLua v0.7.3 is finally released! Kevsoft apologizes for long waiting, since this version has a lot of critical changes.
Please make sure that your CC12 level works with this version of LunaLua!


SDL Mixer X - a fork of SDL Mixer library

Recent update now finally allws us to have fixed resampling, therefore all applications which use it no longer play garbage on non-44100 hz music files!



Posted 02/08/2016 10:59 by Wohlstand

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